Looney Factory toons: meet the little wee ones

A long time ago, in a galaxy, I mean, in a country far, far away, lived a young illustrator who created some tiny little friends who helped her to dream about travelling around the world and discovering new adventures…

This story began more than 10 years ago. One day I was messing around with pen and paper, I wanted to make a birthday present to a friend, but I wanted to do something different. What could be better than a comic strip? Well, I made my first one, but I never gave the gift! Instead, I began thinking that could be a wonderful idea to star my own comic strip with some cute and very special friends, each one of them would have their own personality, features, and appearance. That’s how from my mind came these 3 little friends: Pansheeto the pig, lil’ flo the cat and Ratonini the mouse.

All started with a watercolor illustration:

Then I drew and painted this little comic strip:

And now, I’m working in something more professional. Let me show you some advance of my work:

Well, there is a long way ahead!