Paradigma photo exposition – jewelry design

Paradigma April 2013: Global Mobility – Expats-emigrants in the Netherlands
Mad emergent art center is organizing the project Paradigma themed around Global Mobility in the public library in Eindhoven location de Witte Dame, that will be on display until the end of April. The project consists of an exhibition, a live event “Whas Upstage” on Thursday, April 18 and a photo assignment as a side event of the Reframe festival titled “Traces of Mobility”.

Photo exhibition ‘Traces of Mobility’

Five photographers from Eindhoven where approached for a photo assignment in the context of the theme ‘mobility’. In collaboration with the Hub for expats in Eindhoven these photographers were linked to five expats living in Eindhoven. The goal is to make a photographic interpretation around a set of questions to clarify the man behind the expat. The themes of Traces of Mobility are: journey, home, why, differences, Eindhoven. The exhibition was set on April 19, 2013, on the 1st floor as a side event of the Reframe festival.


Mapuche costume & jewellery design, photo model.

Eric Bruinewoud –