Videogame: The time orb

The place or time in which this story began is not known for sure. Only stories of the grandmothers and rumors of the elderly have been able to slowly form the phrases of the legend that was born between sand and winds.
And as our ancestors said, once upon a time, in a distant region where the grains of sand filled the earth more infinitely than the stars in the sky, settled the region of Valaar, an inhospitable and mysterious area for outsiders, but warm and prosperous for its inhabitants. In that place, the wonderful city of Kahzé shone in the sun, between oases and deserts.
The jewel of the world among many eons and countless eras. The travelers who once had the fortune to cross its doors and glimpse some of its many beautiful mysteries said. Beautiful place was, its great avenues flanked by towering columns of jade and gold, which seemed to hold the same sky, but a sky of exotic plants and flowers that were intertwined between their arches, and that when autumn came, its petals and leaves fell as if they came from the clouds, bringing with them the perfume of the angels to this blessed land…

The following illustrations correspond to the conceptual art of the graphic adventure “The Orb of time”, which is based in a story of my own creation.

Still work in development!